3 best things to do in Hoi An for families.

Brought your family to Vietnam? Good on you – what an adventure! With all the new foods to taste, people to meet and sights to experience, you’re sure to make memories that’ll last a lifetime. Meanwhile your kids get to learn new things, connect with a different culture and gather up tonnes of stories to tell their friends back home!

Of course, some of the things you’ll love to do in Hoi An aren’t what your children want to do. For instance, they won’t be thrilled about visiting tailors, or trying out fusion food in Hoi An, or seeking the best coconut coffee in the Old Town.

Nope, your kids will require Hoi An activities to keep them entertained. And this guide will help you do just that.

1. Enjoy a basket boat tour

Ok, so this is pretty cheesy. You’ll be whizzed among the nipa palms in a circular bamboo boat (the kind that fishermen here use). Wearing palm fronds fashioned into hats and enduring some loud pop music, it doesn’t exactly paint a picture of an authentic – or quiet! – riverside experience… but it will be great fun for your kids! Who knows, you might even connect with your own inner child and wind up enjoying yourself, too. 😉

Bamboo baskest

2. Breakfast at Dingo Deli

You might think that this doesn’t exactly seem like a family activity. But actually, this popular expat hangout is ideal for a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning/afternoon. Why? Well, because they’ve practically got a kids’ paradise out back!

Equipped with a shady jungle gym and sandpit (which are supervised by capable and friendly staff), this cafe also has air con (phew!), great coffee, bakery treats and a huge menu of other goodies, whether you pop in for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. After filling your week with lots of activities, you might savour the chance to kick back and relax with a coffee, while your kids make new friends outside. Bliss.

things to do in hoi an for families
Dingo deli

3. Get crafty

The Timing Masks Workshop in the Old Town is a great place for the entire family to creative, to have fun, and to bring home a wonderful souvenir. Try the ‘Folk Mask Painting Workshop’ and don’t forget to check out the cultural performance (every evening at 5pm) to see the masks in action! You’ll be supporting a local business, learning about one of Vietnam’s oldest cultural activities – mask making – and keeping the kids entertained while you’re at it. Bonus.

things to do in hoi an for families
Timing Masks Workshop

Enjoy your next family day out!

All of these things to do in Hoi An are great for families – and you can do them even in hot weather. Just make sure to pick an early morning or late afternoon basket boat tour so you don’t get too warm!

We hope that your entire family enjoys Hoi An and all the magical things it has to offer.

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