5 top reasons to take a cycling tour while traveling


Taking a cycling tour while traveling? So many reason you should do, specially in Hoi An, Vietnam. Here are some reasons that summarized by an experts of Hoi An Cycling Team

1. Moving at your own pace

Our modern life is about being busy, most of us just be able to cycle at the weekend. And when you are on your bike, you will feel liberating, escaping from our normal life. Especially in Hoi An when you are traveling, getting on bicycle, riding along the villages will let you travel with your own speed, stop anytime as you want.

2. Better observation of surrounding scenery

It is a obvious that you can see, feel, enjoy much more when you are cycling around the countryside than staying on the bus or any other travel methods. And when you are cycling, you not only see thing but you become a part of the scenery, countryside and local lives.

3. Easier way to interact with local people

There is no better way for you when you travel from village to village, from family home to family home. You can stop to take photo any time you want, you can come into the local family house – in the middle of nowhere and receive the friendliness of the authentic life styled local people

4. Protecting the environment and your health

Moving by bicycle, you won’t produce any carbon to the environment. And recently bicycle becomes a mod in some developed countries because it is a clean travel method. Also by the time you travel, you also make your body move physically and refreshing your body after long time work
It is good for your health, good for our environment, why not we don’t cycle, right?ing in the office.

5. Raising the awareness of local people on sustainable tourism development

Vietnam is a developing country and same with many others, most of locals still not having a good sense of sustainable development of travel industry. We were lucky to spend few years working for the international companies and got a proper training. We are trying to do and introduce the ideas of sustainable tourism development into our community.

Cycling is about no producing carbon to the environment, is about green travel and introducing the truly local lifestyle to our travellers. And cycling will create more businesses to locals and making more equality for the development of tourism of Vietnam