In May 2013, Local Man ltd.co was established  in Hoi An with its first product as Hoi An Cycling offering bicycle tours in Hoi An, Vietnam. Our bicycle tours quickly becomes the most popular things to do in Hoi An.

“We believe no-one knows the area better than the people who live there. We are locals and able to show our customers the real lives of local people and create unique experiences for their holiday in Hoi An, Vietnam – Thinh Bui, founder of Local Man co.

The team is a dynamic team of young people who love adventure and travel. We are all locals, speak excellent English and have all been professionally trained to work in the tourism industry.  Love to show our beautiful countryside and local lives, we worked together to realize our dream and share our passion for cycling.  With our unique local knowledge, we love to show travelers our wonderful country, culture and its people.

Our cycling tours was carefully designed, the main key is cycling back roads in Hoi An but we focus on seeing local way of living. During our cycling tours, we will maximize your time seeing the countryside lives which is normally a miss in most other travel products. 

Our bikes are always be well maintained by our professional mechanic team. We do have Mountain Bikes, city bikes and bike for kids including bikes wit child seat and tandem bikes. 


Hoi An Cycling Tour guides
Hong Le Pinky

A beautiful girl who loves guiding job so much for its freedom. She loves to be an ambarsador of the area tour travelers. Very lucky to have her to be part of our team..

Hoi An Cycling Tour guides
Thinh Bui

Known as Tin Tin, he was a tour leader for an international adventure travel company, he settled down in Hoi An in 2012 and started taking people around the countryside . He is proud to be part of the Local Man team.

Hoi An Cycling Tour guides
Hoi Le

This young man named himself as Panda, from Hue city but moved to Hoi An to be part of this great team to show the best of Hoi An. Come with Panda for a great adventure in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Hoi An Cycling Tour guides
Thinh Ngo

My name is Tea, I am from Hue but loving Hoi An as my second home. I am ready to be an ambarsador of Hoi An who want to discover the lovely town with Local Man team. I am ready, are you ready???

Hoi An Cycling Tour guides
Lucky Man

My name is Lucky, I think I am a lucky to have chance to show you the best of Hoi An. Are you ready, making your booking and cycle to Lucky Man!

Hoi An Cycling Tour team member
Hung Bike

Hey hey, you can ride without me. I am your mechanic and I am Making sure all the bikes are working well. I am very happy to see all your beautiful smile after each trip with our team. I am a Local Man!


Our bikes are mainly used for our tours but if you just want to rent a bike, please contact us via info@hoiancycling.com to check the availability. Our office team will get back to you within 24 hours.

In case you are in urgent need, please whatsapp us via our hotline: +84919 882783 for instant respond.

Enjoy Your Trip With Us

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