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Hoi An Cycling – Local Man co.ltd

In May 2013, Local Man ltd.co was established   in Hoi An with its first product as Hoi An Cycling and quickly became one of the most popular cycling tour organizers in the region.

We believe no-one knows the area better than the people who live there. We are locals and able to show our customers the real lives of local people and create unique experiences for their holiday in Hoi An, VietnamThinh Bui, founder of Local Man co.

Hoi An Cycling

The team is a dynamic team of young people who love adventure and travel. We are all locals, speak excellent English and have all been professionally trained to work in the tourism industry.  Love to show our beautiful countryside and local lives, we worked together to realize our dream and share our passion for cycling.  With our unique local knowledge, we love to show travelers our wonderful country, culture and its people.

Our Core Values

1/ We are hard working and dedicated to our business. We foster mutual trust and care with our employees, our business partners and our clients.

2/ We try to treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves.

3/ We encourage the development of all our employees and place great importance on their contributions to the business.

4/ We are continually evolving and striving to better ourselves through a passion for self-improvement and learning.

5/ We create a sense of pride and a feeling of “ownership” amongst our employees.

6/ We are in harmony with the environment and our cultural surroundings.

7/ We contribute our resources, both financial and human, to help improve the environment and the community that we live in.

8/ We are creative and innovative.

9/ We like to have fun!

Hoi An Cycling

07 Ly Thai To, Xung Phong, Hoi An, Vietnam

Email: info@hoiancycling.com/hoianoperator@gmail.com

Phone: +84 919 882 783 (Vietnamese and English speaking)

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/hoiancycling