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3 days itinerary in Hoi An, Vietnam

Based on many years of experience working in the tourism industry, Local Man (Tin Tin) has some ideal suggestions for a 3 days itinerary in Hoi An!

Day 1

Shopping – it is a good idea to do this on the first day so you can enjoy the perfect shopping experience without rushing!

Hoi An is world-famous for shopping and there is no doubt that the best thing to do on the first day of your trip is to visit some shops. This will give you plenty of time to shop around and order custom-made items. Here are some important tips for your shopping:

  • There are about 600 tailor shops in Hoi An. Most of these are small family-run businesses, which don’t have a full-time tailor working for them. Only a few, such as Yaly Couture, Kim My tailor, Be Be tailor, A Dong tailor, Thu Thuy tailor, have their own full-time tailors.
  • It is best to use a trusted tailor, even if you end up paying slightly more than you would in one of the lesser-known shops. The extra few dollars are worth it because they ensure your experience will be worry-free.
  • Most shops can produce your item/s in 1 day, but you should order 1 day before you leave Hoi An just to be safe.
  • You should have 2 or 3 fittings. Arrive at the tailor shop 10 minutes before your fitting time and relax before trying on your new clothes. Enjoy the experience.
  • If you have more time, you can even watch how the clothes are produced. Our recommended tailor is Yaly: you are very welcome to go to the second floor of Yaly’s shop to see how the expert tailors work there.
  • Casual clothing can be ordered almost anywhere, as it is cheap and easy to make. The family-run shops, such as New World tailor, Blue Eyes, Mr Xe, Silk Roads, are good places to buy casual clothes.
  • You can also purchase beautiful leather products, jewelry, T-shirts and lanterns in Hoi An.

Walk around and watch the world go by

The specialty coffee movement hit Hoi An a few years ago and Hoi An now has a number of excellent coffee shops. Our favorite café is Phin Coffee: the owners are so passionate and knowledgeable about coffee and they source their top-quality beans from the best places in Vietnam. Come to Phin Coffee for a free demonstration of how to make a Vietnamese coffee cup and enjoy one of their specialty coffees (you can choose from Syphon, French press, V60 pour over (hot or cold), cappuccino, flat white, latte, espresso, phin (Vietnamese filter) etc.)

Day 2: Bicycle tour

Hoi An has so much more to offer than simply the old quarter. There are a number of charming villages and peaceful rice fields surrounding the ancient town.

Full day bike ride Hoi An

Hoi An cycling offers you a tour that is much more than a simple cycling trip – it is a new life experience! Each carefully considered tour package gives you the opportunity to meet friendly locals living in the villages around Hoi An. Choose either the half day or full day tour for your short time in Hoi An. You will not waste your time with them!

The beach: white sand and clean waters

An Bang Beach

It is best to go to the beach either in the early morning or the afternoon in the hot summer season (April, May, June, July and August). Soul Kitchen and Deck House are two great spots to relax and enjoy a few drinks. They also offer some great options for food (snacks, lunch and dinner) and they put on some live music on certain evenings. Alternatively, you can do what the locals do: sit back on a beach mat by the sea and relax! You can sit on a mat, order some fresh seafood (caught earlier in the day and then cooked on the fire by a local fisherman) and drink some beer with ice like the locals do.

Day 3: Food Tours

Hoi An has recently become a famous spot for Vietnamese cuisine as the demand of the development of tourism.

Hoi An Cycling has recently created the Bike and Bite tour, which offers you a great introduction to Vietnamese cuisine. You can experience the finely balanced street food and traditional home cooked dishes and listen to the stories behind the food.

Cooking class

Participating in a cooking class is another great way to spend your time in Hoi An. Most cooking classes take you to the market, allowing you to interact with the local vendors and take in all of the many different sounds and smells. After buying your fresh produce, you are taken to the cooking area where the chef teaches you how to prepare and cook your selected dishes. The price of a cooking class is usually between 25 and 45 USD per person.

If you would like any travel advice, Tin Tin is your man: you can reach him on Sykpe (hoian-touroperator) or WhatsApp/Viber (+84 4919882783)

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