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Pinky – How I became a cycling guide

My name is Pinky

I graduated from hospitality and tourism faculty of the university of Hue a year ago. I moved to Hoi An to carry out my dream to be a tour guide and started working for Hoi An Cycling since then!

Bike lover

Enjoy what you do and do it the best.

My daily work is taking tourists on a ride to discover the countryside of Hoi An, its stunning landscape, interesting locals. During the ride, I guide them about how people farming their rice, vegetables and how they live in the area. I just realized that people live differently between the areas in Vietnam but all people I have met are very friendly as people in my hometown.

It is always difficult to move to a new place, I have to study hard to remember the cycling route, know its people and their cultures. It is big challenges but also interesting part to improve my knowledge and enrich my experiences. Also, I got trained basic about bicycle. The company uses Mountain bike, which is very different to our regular bikes that I used to ride before. I also have to learn about first aid, mechanic skill. After months training, I became a tour guide.

Another interesting part of my job is I have chance to meet very interesting people from all over the world. They came from different places but they are all here to visit Vietnam. They are so happy to have chance to meet local people at their homes, sometime they even try local food and drink that they won’t have chance to experience in regular tourist trails.

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Hoi An Cycling tour guide

Most Asian people think that the cycling tour guide is not suitable job for a girl like me as the girls all want to be white, working indoor and using make up as Asian standard of beauty. But I am different, I love outdoor working, love seeing the beautiful villages and friendly locals. And I don’t mind to be tanned.

I run most countryside ride so it is very easy to cycle.  Most of our cycling tours are about 15km to 20km. However, I also got some struggles with the weather in the summer in the Central of Vietnam. Sometime is too hot but sometime raining.

I have learnt lots from our working team, Zoom Zoom, Rainee and Happy Harry are the best working mates. They are always willing to help me to make me better person both at work and normal life. I love them lots!


Ps: You can book a tour with us at www.hoiancyling.com and request me as a guide. Come and enjoy the most interesting part of Hoi An

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