Family in Tra Que herb and vegetable village

Family in Tra Que herb and vegetable village

A great opportunity to close-up to local lives in Hoi An when we join Hoi An – Rural Experience tour, we visit a family in Tra Que village where we meet incredible happy couple who become history books for young people in Hoi An. Their lives have been through second world war, Vietnam war, Chinese conflict…. and many interesting stories pass to younger generation.

The family we visit on Hoi An Experience

we will visit the oldest couple in Tra Que herb and vegetable village. The husband is 93 years old and his charming wife is 84 years old. They have been through many struggles in their lives including the French occupation of Vietnam, the Second World War and more recently, the Vietnam War. They have become talking history books and are happy to tell their fascinating stories. In 1944, the husband was sent to Laos to build an airport commissioned by the French. It was his first and only ride in a helicopter. On his return to Vietnam in 1945, he married a beautiful lady from his village. After 70 years, they still live, work and share their lives together. Many people ask him what is the secret of a long and happy marriage? He just smiles and tells me “when we say secret …….. we mean secret”. They are such a lovely couple and we are happy that you can get to know them too.

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