Hidden Hoi An: Your Alternative Guide

Hidden Hoi An: Your Alternative Guide

You probably know what most tourists do when they come to Hoi An. They get some clothes made, they do a cooking class, they float down the Thu Bon in a lantern-lit boat. And although these activities are definitely enjoyable and a wonderful part of the Hoi An experience, they’re sort of what everyone does. They’re not all that different. This post is for tourists who are looking for things to do in Hoi An – but in a more alternative way. It will include some of the best Hoi An activities, and special spots that perhaps the guidebooks forgot.

1. Take in some live music

Hoi An is host to some really interesting bands, who play at various spots at An Bang Beach and also in some of the trendiest bars in town. Check out the schedule at Soul Kitchen to find out who’s playing during your visit and stop into K’Noy Bar, a self-proclaimed ‘speakeasy’ on Cam Nam and home to some of the coolest folk in Hoi An! It doesn’t all have to be cheesy karaoke – your musical activities in Hoi An can be just as rewarding as anywhere else.
Live Music

2. Drink some coffee

Ok, this seems like an obvious one – but you can enjoy coffee in a different way when you come to Hoi An. One way is to sit on those teeny plastic red stools at sunrise and watch the town coming to life as you sip on a cà phê sữa đá (a strong iced coffee with condensed milk). There’s a great spot just beside the Japanese bridge, where you can watch various photoshoots happening in front of Hoi An’s acclaimed ‘photo wall’. People-watching takes on a whole new level, and it’s particularly fun at the weekends! Another place that tops our list in terms of things to see in Hoi An is Phin Cafe. Tucked down a hidden alleyway (in fact, it’s so hidden it’s beside a place called the Secret Garden!), Phin is where people who love great coffee come to…well, drink great coffee! It’s a little oasis of calm in the heart of the Old Town and a great pitstop to make during a morning of exploring the streets.
Phin Coffee

3. Go further afield

Lots of tourists get bikes free with their guesthouse and may spend an afternoon doing their own bike tour in Hoi An – normally just around the nearby ricefields, out to the beach and through Tra Que vegetable village. Again, there’s nothing wrong with this – in terms of Hoi An day tours, it’s a pretty good bet – but since you’ve come all this way, why not go a little further? Venture past the close confines of the town and you’ll find even more beautiful scenery, even friendlier farmers, without bumping into a hundred of tourists doing the same thing. Hoi An Cycling Tours offer bike tours in Hoi An with a difference. The focus is on providing a great cultural experience, on taking in the stunning scenery in more remote settings, on enjoying some exercise, and on having fun! Whether you want to merge it with culinary discoveries or a homestay experience, Hoi An cycle tours can give you an authentic taste of life in rural Vietnam.
Hoian Cycling Tour

So what are you waiting for?

Drink some local coffee, hop on your bike and enjoy a cycling tour in Hoi An. Then, after a long and fun day of exploring the countryside, take a load off. Chill out with a cold beer and some great music before doing it all over again the next day. It’s a tough life…but hey, you are on holiday! Surely you are having great time, but spend sometime planning for the next day things to do in Hoi An, join our cycling tour at www.hoiancycling.com, we recommend for a Cam Kim Island Discovery for the highest rated trip in Hoi An. Use the promotion code for 10% discount: HOIANCYCLING
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