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Cycling tour guide in Hoi An

Zoom Zoom – will guide you thru villages of Hoi An

Zoom Zoom – Duong Doan
Zoom Zoom started working with us at the end of 2013 when he was only 19 years old and he quickly became a popular guide and always gets great customer reviews. Zoom Zoom works very hard but as the comedian of the company, he is always telling jokes and making our customers laugh!

He loves being a tour guide and enjoys cycling around Hoi An and its beautiful landscape and showing it off to our customers. Becoming a tour guide has changed his life for the better and with all his hard work and studying, a great future awaits Zoom Zoom His dream is to work as a tour leader throughout Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Rainee – Nhat Chau

Hoi An Cycling guide

Rainee started his career as a tour guide after graduating from the university of Hoi An and he has been working hard to improve his skills and already he is very popular with our travellers and is getting great reviews as you can see:

“Remmy was very knowledgeable and gave us bits of information and stories along the way. There were enough breaks to make it achievable for people who don’t cycle very often. It was very cool to cycle through the rice fields and small villages and My Son was gorgeous.” – A Review on Tripadvisor about Rainee


Pinky – Hong Nguyen

Hoi An CYcling Tour guide

“Most Asian people think that working as a cycle tour guide is not suitable job for a girl like me as most Asian girls want to be white, work indoors and use lots of make up as an Asian standard of beauty. But I am different – I love outdoor outdoors, exploring the beautiful villages and meeting the friendly locals. And I don’t mind getting a sun tan!” – Pinky says.

Her dream is to be a professional tour guide and Hoi An Cycling is an ideal place for her to learn how to become a great guide. She loves what she is doing and our customers love her too! – Her name is the most mentioned on Tripadvisor


Happy Harry – Vu TranHoi An Cycling Tour guide

Harry comes from a very small village in Hue province.  Happy Harry loves being a tour guide and he is living his dream at Hoi An Cycling as a local ambassador. He loves what he is doing and his customers appreciate it:

“I’m not the biggest fan of riding but John and Harry made sure that everyone in the group had the best experience.. We got closer to the local life and had a number of amazing experiences.. Highly recommend it!!”

Minh Vo – Man of Everything

Hoi An Cycling Staff

Minh Vo makes sure all Hoi An cycling tours have to be smooth

“I want to study English because English is the most important key to living happily in a tourist town like Hoi An, now I also love bicycles as well”– Minh said

Minh is the man who makes sure all the bikes have to be ready for the tour and he is behind the success of our tour guides and the company. He does a great job and plays an important role in the development of the company.

To let you into a little secret, he is the first son of Mr Dau, whose family we visit on the Cam Kim Island Discovery tour where we are shown how to make rice wine.


Thinh Bui – Big brother

Hoi An Cycling guide

The founder of Hoi An Cycling – Local Man co

Visiting a new family, seeing the locals smiling, children yelling HELLO, HELLO when we pass by – these are the happiest times in my tour guide life.

Cycling has changed the way I work in tourism and I feel very honoured and humbled to be able to be a part of local lives and discover the real Hoi An.

I  believe what we are offering is very different to other travel agencies and we work hard to keep things  sustainable. “Changing people lives, creating happiness and sustaining the community. That is what we are doing at Local Man



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