Visit a Veteran in Hoi An

Visit a Veteran Family in Hoi An

Meet locals and get to know their lives is always a highlight for our travelers. Mr Dau family is always a highlight on Cam Kim island discovery!



Only able to visit Mr Dau family by joining one of our bicycle tour in Hoi An. Mr Dau is a war veteran who came back from the conflict between Vietnam and Cambodia (1979 to 1986) in 1984 where he lost a leg when he stepped on a landmine in Cambodia As a result, it was very difficult for him to earn a living in the countryside and he got very little support or pension from the government. To provide for his family, he had to try many ways to make a living and worked as a fisherman, farmer and barber. As he was still single at this time, he was able to support himself. Hoa, an orphan, came from Da Nang to Hoi An to live with her aunt after her parents passed away. By chance, Hoa and Mr Dau met and it was love at first sight! His friends and family were worried about how Mr Dau would be able to support a family but with their love and strength the couple got through all those struggles and became a very happy family. After they were married, Mr Dau started making rice wine for a living and now, he has become one of the most popular rice wine makers in the village of Dong Binh.

They now have three children, one has just graduated from university and the other two are studying at junior high school – what a happy and contented family they are!