Weather guide: When to visit Hoi An

Hoi An Weather – When to visit



Personally, we think Hoi An is a wonderful place to visit at any time of year – but maybe we’re a little biased!

And of course, not everyone will enjoy the rainy season, or the months when the temperature soars over 35℃.

So we thought we’d share with you a guide to Hoi An weather. What to expect for each month, to help you plan your holiday. Enjoy!

Best time to visit Hoi An: by season

1) Dry season: February until July

The dry season is quite long, with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. And these are the most popular months to visit. However, bear in mind that certain months will be more comfortable and enjoyable than others!

We think the best times, in terms of weather in Hoi An, is between February and April. You’ll get lots of sunshine, although it’s not too hot, and little to no rainfall.

The downside to visiting during this time is that everyone else has the same idea! So it can be quite crowded, especially in the Old Town at night, and you might want to book your accommodation well in advance.

It’s much quieter between May and July – however, note that it’ll be very hot at this time of year, with June and July being especially scorching! These two months are known as “low season” in terms of visitors.

In our opinion, as long as you rise early and spend midday in a cool, air-conditioned space (or taking a nap!), it’s still a great time to visit Hoi An. You can enjoy more peace and quiet this way. 😉


2) Rainy season: September until July

The rainy season, or wet season in Hoi An, runs from September until January. During October and November in particular, there’s a risk of typhoons and severe flooding. Even so, this is still considered “high season” in Hoi An. And people selling rain ponchos do very well during these months!

On the upside, it can be really interesting to see the town like this – particularly for photographers! But if you don’t like getting wet, it’s better to visit during the dry season instead… when Hoi An’s weather is a little more welcoming.

Note: The coldest months of the year are December and January – so if you’re visiting for Western Christmas and New Year’s holidays, remember to bring a couple of extra layers for night-time! The sea is much cooler to swim in and the waves are a lot higher, too. So you’ll find the beaches a lot quieter – but quite nice to take a walk along them during this time of year.

So when will you visit?

If you want guaranteed good weather – that’s not too hot – the best time of year to visit Hoi An is February or March. But if you want to avoid the crowds, we recommend visiting on the shoulder of dry season – so the end of January, or perhaps May. Even August can be a great time to visit – the crowds are less, the temperatures have started to cool a little and even the occasional rainstorm will pass fairly quickly.

Whenever you choose to visit, we look forward to welcoming you!


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